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Sarokar Debit Card
A debit card is an electronic chip-based card for direct access of your account for financial transactions up to the amount available in the account. Sarokar Co-operative is offering “Sarokar Debit Card ” to its members with a strong commitment of delivering quality service. Members can withdraw cash from more than 1200 ATMs in SCT network to fulfill their daily cash requirements.

Features of SCT Debit Card:
1. Easy cash withdrawal from more than 1200 no SCT network ATMs around the country.
2. Safe and convenient mode of carrying cash.
3. Card valid for 4 yrs.
4. Supplementary cards are available.
5. Transaction limits:

1 Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction  NPR 16,000
2 Maximum withdrawal day limit  NPR 50,000

Card Holder Eligibility:
Members who maintain a saving account in Sarokar Co-operative can entertain the “Sarokar Debit Card” after submitting an application form to the respective service center or head office.

Fee and Charges: 

1 Card Issuance Fee NPR 250
2 Card Re-issuance Fee NPR 250
3 Card Replacement Fee NPR 250
4 Annual Fee NPR 200
5 PIN Re-generation Fee NPR 100