(01) Bank Fund Transfer Using Sarokar Smart App or Info mdabali
Sarokar Smart App (Android) or Info Madabali (IOS), a mobile banking platform designed to provide our customers with digital banking services. Bank Transfer to any bank within the country. Amount transfer here is deposited in real-time i.e. within a minute of the transfer process performed.
Bank Fund Transfer Procedure:-
       ♦ Open Sarokar Smart
       ♦ Click on Bank Fund Transfer
       ♦ Fill the Sender Details and amount
       ♦ Click on Receiver Button
       ♦ Choose destination Bank 
       ♦ Type A/C No. of the A/C holder
       ♦ Type address of A/C holder
       ♦Type Remarks
       ♦ Click on Confirm
       ♦ Click finally on Confirm to confirm the transaction
       ♦ Enter your 5 digit PIN. 

IBFT Transaction Count & Limit

(02) Bank Account Transfer Using IPS
Sarokar has taken IPS service from Global IME Bank to provide bank fund transfer and other services to our customers in an easy and convenient way but the request to deposit in the bank should be placed on call @9815305153 or using WhatsApp. (9815305153, 9817373041, 9807321395, 9815305059, 980404922, 9827374174). 


(03) Bank Fund Transfer Using Remittance Service

Bank Fund Transfer is performed with the help of IME, City Express, Prabhu Money Transfer under the service charges provided by respective companies. Sent cash here is deposited in respective bank account within 24 hours.