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Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited Harinagar Rural Municipality Sunsari has purchased a well-reputed Petrol Pump named as Sunsari Trade Concern running in Bhutaha-06 Sunsari by investing NPR 2,68,00,000 in all the assets with developed infrastructures and invested 32,00,000 as running capital. So approximately total cost incurred is 3,00,00,000 (NPR Three hundred thousand only).

Sunsari Trade Concern as a Petrol Pump is in Ramnagar Bhutaha Ward No. 06 just one KM north from the bhutaha Bazar and besides Hanuman Mandir.

Sunsari Trade Concern is 10KM south from the Inaruwa, headquarter of Sunsari Dist, and serving the people of more than 10 village development communities.  People of Bhutaha, Gautampur, Harinagar, Madhyahorsahi, Ghuski, Basantapur, Narsingh, Jalpapur, and Babiya are being benefitted.


Product & Services:-

          01. Diesel                02. Petrol                03. Grease                  04. Mobil                     05. Distilled Water                  06. Gear Oil


Management & Staff Members

Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Sid. Managing Director 9813871425
Mr. Santosh Sharma Accountant 9804306136



Mr. Sunil Kumar Das Petrol Distributor 9814385341



Mr. Shambhu Das Diesel Distributor 9800000000