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eSewa, IMEPay, PrabhuPay and Khalti are software-based digital wallets developed for making e-commerce transactions and utility payments. By using a digital wallet, online purchases can be done easily through computers, tablets or smartphones. In a digital wallet system, user credentials are securely stored and verified during transactions. Digital wallets are not only used for online purchases but also for authentication of the user. A digital wallet stores complete user information including credentials, transaction history and personal details. eSewa, IMEPay, PrabhuPay, Khalti can be loaded from Sarokar Co-operative or with the help of Sarokar Smart App or info mdabali.

Sarokar Smart app of Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd allows sarokar account holders to load balance in eSewa directly on a daily basis. To avail, the service one has to open a normal saving account or current in sarokar and should submit a smart banking application form.

eSewa Wallet Load Procedure 
                      eSewa Load Process
     ♦ Open Sarokar Smart
     ♦ Click on Bank Fund Transfer Icon
     ♦ Fill the Sender Details and amount
     ♦ Click on Receiver Button
     ♦ Choose destination Bank 
     ♦ Type A/C No. of the account holder
     ♦ Type address
     ♦ Type in Remarks
     ♦ Click on Confirm Button
     ♦ Click finally on Confirm Button to confirm the transaction
     ♦ Enter your transaction PIN.

eSewa Wallet Load:- Transaction Count & Limit