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Thousands of people around the country are threatened with the consequences of extreme natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, drought and violence; infrastructure is often heavily damaged, while the population suffers from a lack of food, shelter, medical care and future prospects. Many live in profound poverty or find themselves forced from their homes to live as local refugees.

Therefore, Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited seeks to provide rapid and effective help in acute crises. We offer emergency aid, and distribute food and other essential survival materials.

Sarokar has established a fund in the name of Emergency Relief Fund is a fund of Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited Harinagar Rural Municipality Sunsari came into existence to conduct disaster, emergency relief activities in the society and nation as well.

To cope with such a crisis it becomes our social responsibility to provide immediate assistance to the affected people. So, you can play your role as a donor of this fund and deposit your part to bring the dream of effective and efficient support to reach the true help to true people Allah.

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