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Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd Harinagar has recently started microcredit loans to its members in two different ways-

a) Best Loan or Qarde Ahsan

b) Group Guaranty Loan

Best Loan or Qarede Ahsam from its Best Loan Fund.  The loan amount ranges from  NPR 1,000 to NPR 15,000 given as free devoid of any extra charges or costs to be repaid later. Therefore, the same amount taken as the best loan is repaid or returned to the Sarokar Co-operative within the six months od the loan issued.

The Qarde Ahsan Fund in Sarokar Co-operative has been established to full the short term demand of the share members. This fund comprises NPR 10,00,000 only purely collected from the members.  

b) Group Guaranty Loan

Group Guaranty Loan is designed for the five or more than five women who come together by forming a group, are trained, guarantee each other so as to be able to access credit facilities as individuals.

How is a Group Guaranteed Loan issued?

  • Have a reliable source of income.
  • Have four other business persons in need of a loan.
  • Attend one hour of weekly meetings at our branch.

Benefits of Group Guaranteed Loan

  • One can borrow without traditional security such as land titles at the early loan level.
  • A small weekly installment of loan repayment.
  • Loans are insured against death and disability.
  • Networking opportunities with other business people.