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Normal Saving Accounts are the general saving accounts. Anyone can deposit and withdraw any time as par the limit and regulation of the Sarokar Co-operative.

Normal Saving Accounts, Sarokar Co-operative is ‘Mudarib’ and customers are ‘Shahib Al-Mal’. On behalf of depositors, Sarokar Co-operative invests their deposited money and distributes a minimum of 60 percent of investment-income earned through the development of Mudaraba funds among Mudaraba depositors after the closing of the year.

Normal Account holders can withdraw their deposited amount at any time by placing the cheque request as per the rule and regulation. Account-holders can also entertain Sarokar Smart, a mobile banking application designed for several services like balance checking, utility payment, fund transfer, bank transfer eSewa wallet load, flight tickets, school payments, etc.

Documents required for opening NSA

  1. Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  2. Two latest Stamp Sized Photographs
  3. Cash receipt of Account Opening
  4. Copy of Nominee’s Citizenship Certificate
  5. Photograph of Nominee

Why your deposit should be with Sarokar?

  1. To promote local business
  2. To create and promote socio-economic activities among local youths.
  3. It helps in blocking and demoting unhealthy and unhygienic business activities.