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Qarde Ahsan refers to an interest free loan. In Qarde Ahsan Contractm borrower repays the principle amount of the loan without any interest, mark up or additional amount. This product is consistent with the sharia prohibition against riba (interest) because the borrower is not compensating the lender for the money advanced.

Qarde Ahsan Fund is a fund of Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited Harinagar Rural Municipality Sunsari came into existence to provide best loan to the share members without any compensating charges.

Sarokar 10,00,000 (NPR Tenty lakh only) in this fund and provides 5000 to 15000 to each share member for six months and once in a year with 100 as an application charge to compensate the paper cost only.

To help and educate the poor and needy is your social responsibility, so you can play your role as a donor of this fund and deposit your part to bring the dream of opening Sarokar Medical Store and Sarokar Hospital in the future, Insha Allah.

This fund can play a very important role in elevating the poverty from the community and nation through this program as it does not have cost and additional fee and amount to be submitted as interest. Loan period and amount limit can be increased upon increasing the fund.

It can create income generation opportunities and employments in community by utilizing the fund in investing small agricultural activities, animal husbandry, shops, rickshaw, thela, poultry, and different works.

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