Share & Investment
Share purchase makes you a partner and real ownership of Sarokar Co-operative and opens an opportunity to invest your surplus cash in the firm. Click here for more.
Fund Deposit
Fund Deposit has been designed to support and mobilize the different types of funds in different sectors and communities when they are in need to be supported. Click here for more.
Sarokar Co-operative has tied up more than 50 companies to deliver fast and quick remittance services. They are IME, City Express, Prabhu Money Transfer, Himal Remit and GME Remit. Click here for more.
Internet Banking
At Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., Sarokar facilitates banking with a click of a mouse and where you can keep track of your account from anywhere in the world.
Qarde Ahsan or Best Loan is a microfinance model loan of Sarokar Co-operative where NPR 25000 is issued to valued share members for six months without any cost and charges and same amount should be returned.
Bank Transfer
Sarokar Account-holders are facilitated with the service of bank transfer either from Sarokar Smart App or IPS at a very cheapest rate. Click here for more.
Account Deposit
Sarokar Co-operative has developed different types of account deposit schemes that are developed to meet the choices of customers. Click here for more.
Loan & Credit
Different modes of loan and credit to provide credit facilities. Mainly 4 modes are being operated, i.e Purchase & Sale, Rent & Lease, Partnership, and Service Mode. Click here for more.
Digital Banking
A dream of digital co-operative has become possible with the development of Sarokar Smart, a mobile platform that has enabled a very easy and convenient way to pay and receive the cash digitally. Click here for more.
Card Banking
Sarokar Co-operative is in the planning of issuing a Debit ATM Card and installing an ATM Machine in Sarokar PetrolPump Bhutaha-6 very soon to provide the card banking service.
Wallet Load
Sarokar Co-operative has managed a system to load eSewa balance from Sarokar Smart App and additional exercises are being performed to bring IMEPAY, PrabhuPay, and Khalti in the near future. Click here for more.
Aid & Support
Sarokar Co-operative promotes financial aid and support programs for the community during the time of natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, and pandemic diseases.