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Current Account is a transactional non-interest and non-profit bearing account wherein a depositor deposits his her cash amount by opening a current account for an unspecified period of time. Here in this scheme a depositor can withdraw or transfer the funds whenever required through different means like Sarokar Smart, fund transfer, bank transfer, IPS, eSewa, IMEPay, etc.

The current account allows the account holders to carry out business transactions in an efficient manner. A depositor is repaid upon demand or upon the owner’s instruction through issuing co-operatives’ cheques or withdrawal slips. A current account beering customer never earns any profit or surplus amount because cash is taken as amaanah and kept as amaanah which should be returned at the time of demand.

Documents required for account opening:-

  1. Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  2. Two latest Stamp Sized Photographs
  3. Cash receipt of Account Opening
  4. Copy of Nominee’s Citizenship Certificate
  5. Photograph of Nominee

Rule & Regulation of Current Deposit Account:-

  1. Account Opening Charge as NPR 100.00 only
  2. Minimum Balance to be maintained by an individual account holder isNPR 500.00 only.
  3. Minimum Balance to be maintained by a corporate account holder if NPR 1,000.00 only.
  4. A pre-information or request letter is compulsory to withdraw more than 10,00,000.00 in a day. 

Why your deposit should be in Satrokar Co-operative?

  1. To promote local business
  2. To create and promote socio-economic activities among local youths.
  3. It helps in blocking and demoting unhealthy and unhygienic business activities.