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Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited Harinagar has developed different types of account deposit schemes are developed to meet the choices of customers. Local resident should open their accounts in the organization so that fund may move among the local public to serve local people and finally helps in local development because it may create local employment by promoting business activities.


Documents required for account opening:

  1. Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  2. Two latest Stamp Sized Photographs
  3. Cash receipt of Account Opening
  4. Copy of Nominee’s Citizenship Certificate
  5. Photograph of Nominee


  1. Current Deposit Accounts
  2. Daily Deposit Accounts
  3. Monthly Deposit Accounts
  4. Yearly Deposit Accounts
  5. Normal Saving Accounts
  6. Special Deposit Accounts
  7. Sarokar Deposit Accounts
  8. Muhar Deposit Accounts
  9. Hajj Deposit Accounts