Why Sarokar?

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We should support Sarokar Co-operative due to following reasons

  1. Sarokar Co-operative is provided loans under Islamic Financial System.
  2. Sarokar Co-operative has created an opportunity to operate different business portfolios by collecting shares.
  3. Sarokar Co-operative is operating under the system of PLS System i.e. Profit Loss Sharing System.
  4. Sarokar never provides loan and credit facilities to meter biyaji people who has adopted the job to lend money at the rate of 36 to 120 percent.
  5. Sarokar never collects cash and nor provides the loan to the entrepreneurs who are involved in unhealthy and unhygienic trade and businesses.
  6. Sarokar Co-operative provides microfinance loans to its members at the rate of zero percent to generate a source of income.
  7. Sarokar Co-operative never multiply or remultiply the interest or profit and makes it principle.
  8. Sarokar Co-operative has a number of member support programs to support the valued share members.
  9. Sarokar Co-operative organizing and making platforms for youths and students.