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Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. Harinagar is trying to form Yuwa Samuha, Mahila Samuh, Student nd Other Samuha locally to mobilize them in different types of social and economical activities by empowering and making them skilled through different types of educational and vocational training programs. Considering the fact that youth are the pillars Sarokar, Sarokar Management will try to inject the need of social responsibilities, accountabilities, and sustainable development because they will have to run the Sarokar one day.

No doubt, youth groups thus created are the groups of Sarokar and they will boost the Sarokar and finally will enjoy some benefits. Youths still have not joined the groups will be motivated to join the existing group rather than forming the new group.

Six Youth Samuha are successfully formed in Bhutaha ward numbers 3, 2, 7, 1, 9, 4 and 5 under the chairmanship of Mr. Zulfaqqar Alam, Mr. Faisal Saleh, Mr. Mustafa Reza, Mer. Abdullah Ansari, Mr. Shahid Ansari, Mr. Nesar Siddique and Asif Ansari respectively while exercise is continued in others wards as well as in Gautampur, Harinagara, Basantapur, and Ghuski to form more groups.

Interested brothers can directly contact to the Co-ordinator of youth committee Mr. Zulfaqqar Alam @9814384410 and Mr. Mozammil Haque Chairperson of Sarokar Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. @9815305153, 9842570612 & 9817343041.

What are the benefits of joining the Sarokar Samuha

01. Members will enjoy the waiver of the entrance fee, application, and other charges in the opening of shares and accounts.

02. They will be funded by Sarokar Management for different activities to be performed on a ward basis.

03. They may entertain free mobile banking and ATM services.

04. They will be included in different types of meeting with the Sarokar Management team.

05. Sarokar Management will manage different types of training and skills programs for samuha members.

06. Sarokar Management will distribute T-shirts and other on the basis of the performance of samuha.

07. Many More

Types of Samuha

01. Yuwa Samuha                      02. Student Samuha                    03. Mahila Samuha                     04. Majdur Samuha              05. Other

Lists of Formed Samuha

01. Sarokar Youva Samuha Bhutaha 03         Group Leader                    Mr. Julfaquar Alam                                                 

02. Sarokar Yuwaa Samuha Bhutaha 02        Group Leader                    Mr. Faisal Ansari

03. Sarokar Yuwa Samuha Bhutaha 07         Group Leader                      Mr. Mustafa Reza

04. Sarokar Yuwa Samuha Bhutaha 01         Group Leader                      Mr. Abdullah Ansari

05. Sarokar Yuwa Samuha Bhutaha 09         Group Leader                      Mr. Shahid Ansari

06. Sarokar Yuwa Samuha Bhutaha 04         Group Leader                      Mr. Nesar Siddique

07. Sarokar Yuwa Samuha Bhutaha 05         Group Leader                       Mr. Asif Ansari